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East Staffordshire Borough Council

East Staffordshire Borough Council is a major borough council, serving a population of approximately 109,000. We employ around 520 full time equivalent staff and run along sound and efficient business principles.

Our vision is to “concentrate on local services, continue to make the Council cost effective and to increase partnership working with other public agencies to improve our local way of life.” This is being achieved by being open and transparent within a “can do culture”, and involving communities across the Borough as shown through our overarching ethos of ‘working for you with you.’

The Council’s three Corporate Priorities are to offer relevant and better value services, encourage local enterprise and enhance lives throughout the borough.

East Staffordshire is part of the National Forest and essentially rural in character. The Borough has many villages stretching from Barton under Needwood in the south, Leigh in the west, Mayfield in the north, and borders Derbyshire to the east. There are two main towns, Burton upon Trent and Uttoxeter. The famous brewery town of Burton upon Trent is the capital of the National Forest and has a population of 66,000. Uttoxeter is the area’s second town, with a population of 12,000.

East Staffordshire guarantees a great quality of life for those that live and work in the area. Enviable shopping and leisure facilities combine with picturesque villages, inspirational countryside, ancient woodland and a meandering canal network to ensure everyone has something to enjoy. We are also home to the St George’s Park FA Centre, many famous brand names, and the unique Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. Forming part of the National Forest, one of the country’s most ambitious environmental endeavours, East Staffordshire offers a location with enviable lifestyle opportunities.

The CVLLP project encompasses parts of the Weaver Hills in the North of our Borough. Although we do not lead on any of the projects, we strongly support the partnership’s aims and the benefits to both people and wildlife that the project will bring about.