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Together is better

The Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership of twenty organisations, led by Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, works at a landscape scale, conserving and enhancing the wildlife and built heritage of the Churnet Valley.

The initial five years, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, has improved team-working across the valley and created a fresh understanding of what landscape scale collaboration means.

It has given partner organisations a wider vision. This is an exciting legacy for the Churnet Valley.

'We need to recognise the importance of landscape scale approaches to the environment … we’ve got to continue, to make things happen and we’ve got to be radical and inspirational'

'I’ve been surprised by the way in which the partnership has come together … we’ve seen some fantastic cross-pollination projects.'

'I want the Churnet Valley to be recognised right across the UK. I want when people say "I went to the Churnet Valley", someone replies "It’s nice there, isn’t it?"'

'It’s a really exciting time for conservation … this move towards landscape scale conservation and enjoyment of heritage is a sea change.'

Coombes Valley open day

It’s about people getting on together, about understanding each other’s ways of working. That can only be good for the valley.

Hear more about

Steve Wood describing the perspective one of the smaller organisations in the Partnership

Keith Tomkins, the Project Manager, talking about the future