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Contingency Projects

There are two bids in place or provisional offers made in support of the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership:

  1. CVLLP to Europe Life+
  2. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

At the point of writing this amounts to £139,500, which has been identified as £130,000 contingency budget within the Core CVLLP budget (£10,000 of the SMDC risk will be carried by the SWT Accredited Training Project). We aim to realise and confirm these funds, and possibly others before the CVLLP delivery programme starts in May 2012. Should sufficient funding becomes available we would wish to activate the following project: CVLLP 25 Connecting the Heritage of Cheddleton, which was created during the development phase, HLF Contribution £101,000. Within the HLF bid this is shown as a project to be run but, the Partnership Board has agreed that should funding from Life+ or SMDC not be forthcoming it is the project that should be withdrawn in order to ensure sufficient budgets are available for other projects, i.e. Interpretation Programme, Monitoring and Evaluation, Participation and the Apprenticeship Programme, this is identified within the HLF bid under the ‘risks’ section.

Within the suite of projects, collectively referred to as Bridge 70 there is a potential stall point after CVLLP 7a Bridge 70 initial works. At this point the Caldon and Uttoxeter Canals Trust will know if this important bridge requires major underpinning works, currently estimated at £75,000, and identified in this LCAP as CVLLP 7b. If required then no more heritage works can be undertaken on this programme until underpinning is complete. It is hoped that this work will not be required and, if not, that CVLLP 7b Contingency can run as a main project within the HLF programme. CVLLP 7b Contingency has been identified as a project under the HLF bid and 7b underpinning as a risk identified under the risk section of the bid. Should underpinning be required we will have to negotiate with the Heritage Lottery Fund to determine that they are content to renegotiate the programme budget, their decision could well be influenced by the success of the overall CVLLP programme in achieving it’s outcomes to that date, and the ability of CVLLP as a partnership to raise more funding toward the Bridge 70 projects in particular.