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CVLLP 10: Delegated Grant Scheme Community Trial

Project Objective

To encourage and support wide community involvement in CVLLP activities and projects.

The Delegated Grant Scheme will be one key tool for the CVLLP Community Engagement and Community Grants Officers in their objective of engaging and involving communities. This is a community test project from Mayfield on the 28th September 2011.

Although communities will be involved at every level of CVLLP, there is a requirement for a dedicated small project fund specifically for their use, in order to facilitate projects and activities that come from the community, and also to link their close interest to the greater CVLLP Programme.

This ‘Mayfield Village’ application is a result of consultations initiated during the CVLLP public consultation process and carried forward by SMCVS during their development of the CVLLP Participation project (CVLLP 9).

This project will go forward immediately the CVLLP programme commences in May 2011 and will act as a demonstration of what type of projects we hope the community will bring forward, how CVLLP delegated grant scheme can be used by the community and how the community projects will feed into other parts of the CVLLP programme; particularly in this case the CVLLP interpretation programme.