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Land advisory services

Are you a land owner in the Churnet Valley? CVLLP partners can offer the following land advisory services:

Woodland Advice

Woodland management and woodland creation advice to improve woodlands for wildlife and woodfuel:

  • Woodland visits providing tailored advice
  • Grant applications
  • Woodland management plans
  • Help from volunteers
  • Free trees for new woodlands
  • Sourcing  suitable contractors
  • Felling/ thinning licences
  • Selling timber

Woodland wildlife is threatened, with 60% of species in decline. Lack of management causes decline. Woodland management improves woods for wildlife & woodfuel.

Contact Tabi Kime 07860592302


Grassland Advice

We can help you improve your grassland for you & your wildlife:

  • Grassland advice for landowners in stewardship schemes, as well as those not in schemes
  • Meadow creation- green hay strewing and sourcing seed
  • Applications to new schemes
  • Grazing support, finding suitable animals, grazing infrastructure
  • Sourcing voluntary help
  • Scrub management & invasive species advice

Over 97% of our wildflower meadows have been lost. Well managed grassland can encourage wild flowers, bees, birds and butterflies.

Contact Nicki Dyas 07960 874813


Farming Advice

We help farmers to harness their aspirations & resources towards a sustainable farming future:

  • Analysis of development options tailored to your farm
  • Funded apprenticeships for your farm
  • Opportunities for 16-24 yr olds to gain qualifications as part of a farming apprenticeship
  • Opportunities for young people in farming families to gain an apprenticeship on family farm
  • Information on training, advice on regulations compliance, networking opportunities

Contact Chris Higgins 07980 838349


Himalayan Balsam Control

Do you have this invasive plant on your land?

Himalayan Balsam is a non-native invasive weed which takes over our native wildflowers. Please help control it by:

  • Pulling it up yourself, before seeds develop.
  • If you are struggling to tackle it yourself, we can provide help and advice.
  • Let us know where it is

Contact Helen Anderson 01538 381356