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Theme 7: Management of the project

CVLLP is a programme of interlinked projects that sit within the following themes:

Management Projects

Core team


Staff, Project Manager, part-time administrator and Practical Projects Officer: employed directly by the CVLLP programme to work across the disciplines but particularly to promote consistency across projects and help mesh projects within the CVLLP Programme.

Evaluation team

An independent team to monitor and evaluate outputs and outcomes from individual projects and the overall programme.


Rent, travel, training etc.


To be agreed if/when needed by HLF

How will CVLLP reconcile increased land management and access with the protection of heritage?

The Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership (CVLLP) programme has within it an independent team to monitor and evaluate socio-economic and biodiversity outputs and outcomes from individual projects and the overall programme project.  Within this project is a remit to monitor and report on the potential negative impact of the CVLLP on the heritage that it has come together to protect and restore.

Managing heritage initiative conflicts

There is a possibility that conflicts of opinion within the Partnership Board and the Steering Groups, a well as between these and others will occur. We have minimised this through the implementation to an open policy regarding Steering Groups and conflict has been minimal and easily dealt with to-date. If in future conflict and disagreement is not so readily settled there are procedures in place: Partners are bound, morally, by their adoption of the Memorandum of Understanding, which allows for majority voting to apply where feasible. In addition Statutory Organisations on the Partnership Board are in a position to ensure progress of the project does not digress from legal or strategically determined requirements, and will act as an internal mediation tool.

Where conflicts are not settled within the partnership, the Staffordshire Wildlife as Lead Partner and Legal Entity for CVLLP will manage the decision in such a way as to best meet the requirements of the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Licences, permits etc, and drainage consent is required for work in rivers. As a partnership we have considerable experience of obtaining these consents for the types of work that will be carried out, and a good working relationship with the Environment Agency, and do not expect any problems. Statutory Bodies; Natural England, Environment Agency and DEFRA are all involved with this project, either directly as Partners or indirectly as supporters and have positively fed into its planning and this bid submission.

Sites of Special Scientific Interest Permissions, Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Listed Building Constraints are in place for various sites and structures within the valley. The Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership Board includes Natural England, English Heritage, Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and East Staffordshire Borough Council as statutory bodies, and their guidance and support has been, and will remain, integral to the planning and agreeing of projects throughout the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership, including small projects and events delivered under the delegated grant scheme and the reactionary funded projects.