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Theme 4: Action around climate change

CVLLP is a programme of interlinked projects that sit within the following themes:

Action around Climate Change

Our ecosystems services-based approach to the Churnet Valley Living Landscape is designed to help future-proof the community and ecology of the Churnet Valley regarding climate change: the habitats, woodlands and wetlands in particular will be healthier, better connected, more robust and better able to cope with climate change while our increased emphasis on local and natural products will, to a degree, buffer the community against a world with restricted raw materials, transport and engineered solutions.  Although we do not expect to solve the world’s problem within the valley alone we will contribute to that solution.

Our partnership has come together to create an innovative approach to bring the woodlands of the Churnet Valley back into good conservation management. The innovations are based around working together to identify a broad woodland product base that maximises the range of materials which can be derived from management in the local economy; from wood fuel to oversized hardwood posts and brash weavings.

The woodland support project is aimed at creating a sustainable wood fuel market, with a minimum net carbon footprint; transport implications will be reduced as far as practicable by creating fuel collection hubs and use of water and rail transport if possible.

Each individual project within the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership programme has been required to describe how it will impact climate change issues.