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Future Meadows

Together farmers, quarry companies, local councils and conservationists are creating a network of meadows for nature.

There are lots of grassy fields in the Churnet Valley but only a few of them are good for wildlife. Some lovely, old-style grasslands, with their wide array of plants and insects, survive but they are few and isolated.

We are changing this by:

  • Helping farmers to look after their flower-rich meadows (and if possible get paid for doing it).
  • Working with quarry companies and local councils to create new wildlife grasslands using seeds from our finest sites.

Cauldon Dales SSSI

We’ve had a really positive response from everyone; they’ve been really receptive and interested and they do want to protect what they’ve got.

Hear more about

Hear Victoria Brookes from the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust talk about creating new grasslands.

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